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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 | 11:17 AM | 0 comments

This story is quiet best and interesting for me. It's give moral to us. In my opinion, Walter Mitty is a patient man a and good man because he knows his lacking himself. I like Walter Mitty's character because he have her own dream for her life. He can be model for those who always narrow-minded even what his dream for was not achieved yet. Maybe one day his dream will come true when he makes effort to achieved what he want. Some people like make a dream but not everyone. Maybe they will think that dreaming will waste their time. For me, I like to dreaming because it will give a supporting in my life to achieved something. But, dreaming are not taking you anywhere unless you are certainly sure about getting it or to in it. For the moral, we have to stop dreaming and try to achieve what we want.

All's Fair in Vietnam by Noah Klinger
| 11:00 AM | 0 comments
In this story, in my opinion, I don't like the character people in Vietnam because they keep thinking that beauty is everything. They will do anything for beauty. In my opinion, beauty is not important just for outside. it more important beauty at inside. Means with a good attitude, it is enough to make you pretty. All's fair in Vietnam is about people in Vietnam who love to have a beautiful face, pearl-white, luminous face-'a face like a moon'. They will do anything to get a face that they dream on. In my opinion, whiteness does not symbolize anything. Yes, every people wants to look beautiful, but just have a beautiful doesn't mean anything. We have to accept everything with what we had. We have to accept it. The moral for this story is we have to accept what we have. Beauty in the eye of the beholder, that people always desire what is expensive and difficult to maintain. 

Mango Moods by Retta Mani
| 8:24 AM | 0 comments

I really like this story because it really interesting on how Chitra faced her life. She really strong women. She got married but didn't get a baby. I really hate her mother-in-law because she treat Chitra really cruel. She compares her life with mangoes tree that have an upside down life. In my opinion, her husband should support her and understand her. He just do all of his mother saying. As a husband, he should make all decision and not just follow her mother's saying. He should protect his wife. After eight years marriage, she pregnant. Her beautiful baby was born on bright morning in May. All the family member felt really happy. The moral value that i get from this story is be loyal to our partner and ready to face all problem together. In my opinion, I think his husband not a a good husband to Chitra because he cant protect his wife and just let his mother do a bad thing to Chitra. Lastly, we should treat our in-law family as our own family.

The Open Window by Saki
| 8:01 AM | 0 comments

Based on this story that i have learn, it is interesting. This story about  Framton Nuttel, goes to visit the Sappleton House. He is seeking a cure for his nerves and calls on the lady of the house to discuss this matter with her. The story revolves around Mrs. Stapleton, who leaves the window open for her husband and brothers, who she believes to be coming home any moment from a hunting trip. While outside of her delusion, the men were all killed in a shooting accident three years before. In my opinion, I really pity with Sappleton. She wait a long time. It is quite scary story for me. The moral that I get from this story is just accept the fact. Sappleton should accept that her husband and brother were killed in a shooting accident. I'm really pity with her but this story is interesting for me. I give three star for this story.

Thursday, December 12, 2013 | 8:12 AM | 0 comments
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